Solo travel needs to be mindful of these

Take what you hear and read from your head

There is no right or wrong way to travel alone. Just do whatever you want, why worry about what other people want you to do. For example, go to Nha Trang, Da Nang, definitely go to the beach, but you don’t want to bathe, just want to walk on the sand, it’s okay! If you want to sleep in a hotel, go ahead. If you don’t feel like visiting historical sites, skip it. No one can guide you on how to do your solo travel. Each person who walks by himself will have his or her own experience. So get rid of all the stories you’ve read, heard about someone’s travels.

Be honest with your needs

Each trip may appear unforeseen, but what you want and need to do is in your mind, right? If you go to meet new people, make plans to go places where it is possible to do so. If you go for a bit of a breather, get ready for more money and find a place that meets that need. For example, the same is going to Malaysia, if you want to explore this country’s cuisine, nothing more than Penang, but if you want to go the Robinson Cruiso style alone on a desert island, look for a place called Pulau Kapas! Your needs are the best, because you are traveling alone.

Contact a loved one if you need it

When traveling alone, this communication does not soften you or it should be dismissed. If there are times when you feel scared or lonely on a single ride, don’t hesitate to text or call a phone call back. As long as you are honest with your feelings, nothing will harm your Ego.

There is no need to plan everything

Let their feet explore, they will know where to step. The

tour will give you less predefined terms lo mai think where to go, what to eat, where, what time comes … but also take away your curiosity to discover what you are interested in learning. Traveling alone has the advantage of being able to go wherever you want, whenever you want to go at that time, time planning is not the type of solo travel!

Take precautions against risks

… there may be situations that make you confused and insecure, not intimidating, but traveling alone also means that you are alone in a new place, among strangers. For example, going to India alone, you still hear warnings about the risk of rape, right? But, remember why you decided to go on a trip, do not let the imaginary risks make you falter!

Always carry more than you think you’ll need

And don’t put them all in the same place. You will have no one around to pay, or someone willing to pay you a debt if you have something to eat and find you don’t have enough money. ) good, but cash is still the most common and convenient when traveling alone to an unfamiliar place.

Send copies of passport information, flight schedules, booking confirmation to email of yourself and a loved one

Be careful with that. When traveling alone, cases of dropping papers, leaving it somewhere or being robbed are very likely. If you save the information, when it comes to solving it, all problems will become easier and faster.

Bring phone numbers and important addresses

For example, the address of the hotel, motel you are staying at, the phone number of the Vietnamese embassy (if going abroad) …

Contact the hotel before you go out

They can get a free car, or good advice for getting to and from the airport. For example, in Bangkok, if you want to go to Siam square, if your place is near any train station …

No need to pack more luggage than personal items

Compactness is the top criterion. You have to take care of yourself from the moment you took off to the moment you got back. If you have to drag a bulky suitcase over the long haul instead of relaxing with a compact backpack, you will consider carefully what you need to bring.

Prepare gently

You won’t need a few pairs of shoes, just one pair to go a lot without hurting your feet.

Zippered bag

They are very useful for storing things to keep such as tickets, cell phones … when you go out in the rain, or for personal items such as toothbrushes, combs, face towels …

Bring the buckle

There will be times!

Bring a deck of cards and a good book

A deck of cards will help strangers become more natural with each other. There is a book, you will have something to keep friends with when you sit at a cafe, eat alone, or while in front of a peaceful setting …


Taking notes is a form of diary for the journey, in addition to taking photos carefully and posting on your personal page. It can be rambling, sometimes frustrating, it’s how you express your emotions, sometimes joy, sometimes fear, sometimes loneliness. Try writing while sitting on the plane at departure and return, you will see the difference and “grow up” in your thoughts and feelings.

Watch out for free tour

Join the free walking tour for fun to see the city and get to know the people. Chances are you can find a join tour for an interesting day, such as a walking tour to visit Hoi An ancient town, or find a ticket to see A show without having to book in advance …

Wander indefinitely

Going without any intent is often a good way for you to discover something that isn’t on forums or manuals. For example, finding a small, winding alley and opening a new street for example.

If you get lost, keep wandering

As long as within safe limits (walking in towns, streets …), if you get lost, keep going. Many times I start to realize I don’t know where I am, but I keep walking around, then get used to my surroundings for a while or meet someone for help.

Remember: People are inherently virtuous

It is normal to feel initially reticent when dealing with strangers, but let’s get over it. Start a conversation with people who are also traveling alone while sharing a hostel, and be a little friendly, maybe you will make more friends. In my experience on all trips, in general, when talking to strangers (which is not difficult for me), I get their kindness back, 9/10 cases right!

Get to know the local people

I especially emphasize this when traveling alone. Even if it’s the shopkeeper when you go to buy a bottle of water, you can ask about places to visit and what to try in that locality. They will give you a ton of interesting experiences that you may not be able to find on your own. And ask them about stories (how long have they lived here, how has their place changed after the XYZ event …) You will surely gain a lot of historical and cultural knowledge from where you set foot. Come through the way of getting to know the local people.

Dealing with difficulties and loneliness

Don’t try to ignore these feelings or disappoint yourself when overwhelmed by them. These are unexpected experiences when traveling alone, but they help you understand yourself more deeply.

Believe in yourself

You have equipped yourself with everything you need – health, intuition, sensitivity from every trip – to start your own journey without being dependent on anyone! So, let’s go!

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