India is an amazing travel destination.

I backpacked India for over a month some years past and that I had a good traveling experience. I’ll tell you what makes India be an incredible travel destination.

Diverse geographic landscape
Do you like mountains? Or does one wish to travel on an artiodactyl hunting expedition within the desert? Maybe restful on the beach? Forest? Plains? They need all.
Beautiful design
If you’re additional into seeing human-made things, India got various first sites that may leave you in awe. to start with my favorite ones are the unparalleled Taj Mahal, Golden Temple in Amritsar, and Lotus temple close to Delhi. Several alternative unbelievable castles, forts, temples, and sculptures go scattered throughout India.
I didn’t have any Indian food before traveling there, however I treasured food there. If you’re brave and willing to induce to the core of the Indian preparation, don’t hesitate to induce within the restaurants wherever locals go where you are(Or even higher if you get invited to gnaw at their home by the locals) and use your fingers as folks do there rather than mistreatment spoon and forks. The presentation would possibly look humble however the food is Buckeye State therefore delicious. Warning: Your abdomen may not be happy for the primary few days; however, it’ll eventually get won’t.
Did I say however cheap India is to travel? Flying into India may cost a little you a small amount; however, several things area unit quite cheap once you’re there. Train, bus, food, accommodations, etc. You get to travel for a minute while not breaking your bank.
Cultural diversity
India may be an immense land with a culture of diversity. the very fact that there is a unit of numerous religions, ethnic teams and multiple languages utilized in one country creates a quite colorful country’s image. You’ll see Rajasthan is incredibly totally different from geographical region. If you want to enter a religious or non secular path, India can embrace your open arms with several choices to settle on from.

These are some reasons what I feel traveling to India is nice. It would not be for everybody. If you’re trying to find an area where everything is well-organized and wherever you wish to be left alone, India would possibly come back as a challenge. however I will assure you that India can ne’er bore you… whether or not you are feeling comfy with it or not.

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