Giroud blocks the return of Benzema, balance Riolo

According to Daniel Riolo, Didier Deschamps would not be the only one among the Blues not to want the return of Karim Benzema.
Sparkling under Real Madrid’s colors, Karim Benzema did not fail to revive, despite himself, the debates on his exclusion from the France team since the fall of 2015, due to the affair of the sextape. And the underperformance of Didier Deschamps’s troop against Ukraine on Wednesday (1-1) put something back in the machine. But according to Daniel Riolo, beyond the obstacle Didier Deschamps, the return of “KB9” would not be viewed favorably by Olivier Giroud.

“Between Giroud and Benzema, it is deeper than we say”
“It’s not just a story between Deschamps and Benzema. Behind, we’ll have to talk to Giroud because between Giroud and Benzema, it’s deeper than people say. They can each say on their own that there is no confusion, given what they have got into with the history of karting, in which Giroud replied with not very nice things either, there is had exchanges so that means that you are not going to reconcile them. “, Thus entrusted the journalist on the airwaves of RMC.
“It can create more problems than solutions”.
And to continue: “By wanting to provide a solution which is the quality of the game, you will also break the human relations of a group which is world champion. Giroud has a lot of very close friends on the team. (…) Deschamps has built his group more on human relations than on technique and tactics, so that can create more problems than solutions. “