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6 golden benefits of walking after a meal

After eating, you should work gently, you should not lie down for sure. However, if you regularly follow the habit of walking a short 10 minutes after a meal, the use of it for your health will be much better. Improve digestive system The primary benefit of walking after eating is improved digestion. Body movement

5 yoga moves that promote weight gain for thin people

For those of you who are thin and want to gain weight fast, surely you will wonder if yoga can gain weight? Then the answer is yes. Yoga is an exercise that brings many benefits to the practitioner both physically and mentally. Yoga poses have the effect of stimulating the organs and especially internal organs

5 detox recipes help you lose weight fastest in 1 week

March 8 is coming very close, girls should immediately apply these Detox formulas to confidently wear short skirts. Detox is known to help purify the body by using a diet high in green vegetables, fiber. Detox helps to remove toxins, bacteria, parasites and even excess fat, helping you to have a beautiful and healthy body.