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5 detox recipes help you lose weight fastest in 1 week

March 8 is coming very close, girls should immediately apply these Detox formulas to confidently wear short skirts. Detox is known to help purify the body by using a diet high in green vegetables, fiber. Detox helps to remove toxins, bacteria, parasites and even excess fat, helping you to have a beautiful and healthy body.

Signs of impaired kidney function

This is a disease that is difficult to recognize by external signs that usually progress silently over the years, most patients when discovered are usually in the late stage. So how do you recognize impaired kidney function? The kidneys have important functions in the body, such as: Keeping the balance of fluids in the body;

Improve gastroesophageal reflux disease

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a common disease in which the patient’s symptoms are quite diverse, but the most common is burning behind the sternum and feeling fluid or food. . Diet and routine adjustment to this pathology are very important and the first step in a comprehensive management process, aimed at improving the patient’s

Back pain – caution with spinal disc aneurysm

Besides, the pain in the back area will make the patient feel extremely tired. Without timely treatment, the disc aneurysm will cause many dangerous complications such as paralysis, paralysis, loss of mobility, … An aneurysm is a disc where the disc has protruded back, but the mucus is still in the fibrous sac and has