An effective solution for travel problems in Singapore

Having long-term overseas travel experience, he is a careful person, but Ngoc Nhat (living in Hanoi) also experienced many unexpected incidents when he went to Singapore. It’s just a rare thing, but this guy also wants to share an effective solution when having a travel problem in Singapore.

Potential withholding and denied entry into Singapore

Recently, many Vietnamese tourists have been detained when entering Singapore, especially women, if they are in doubt for their information or purpose when coming to this country.


You, especially the girls, are limited solo travel to Singapore at the present time.

Prepare English vocabulary enough to communicate, so prepare answers in advance in case if you are kept, even with relatives. Frequently asked questions are: why you go to Singapore, why do you travel alone, do you have a round-trip ticket, your hotel address, is there someone to pick you up, career and general information you need. provided …

Always prepare a paper or write down the address phone, hotel phone number or accommodation. If detained, take the initiative to ask customs officers to call that number to verify and verify.

Have cash ready in your pocket if asked. I myself am also required to have 1,000 SGD about 16.5 million VND when entering.

Always keep a calm attitude in all cases. Singaporeans are very friendly and hospitable, so you are completely assured and comfortable working with the customs staff.

The story of traveling from Malaysia to Singapore


When going to any country, you need to actively seek information. Realize that you are in a foreign country and do not have relatives, so save yourself.

Locals with an English accent sometimes have a rather hard-to-hear accent. When communicating, use the simplest intonation for them to understand.

Actively buy a SIM card and master the map of the road, subway, and sky train at the airport and learn the most specific way to be active in travel. The cost of using transport services here is very cheap and extremely convenient, so take advantage of these means of transportation to save costs.

Keep the ticket or ticket stub or the invoice to check the information in case something goes wrong.

Missed flight story


Go quickly to the ticket office of the airline you missed to find a solution quickly. They will introduce last-minute, low-cost tickets the next day. I was introduced by the staff to have a quite cheap ticket to go back to Hanoi.

Always update flight information and early check-in.

Do not spend extravagantly but should keep a relative amount of money in case of uncertainty.

Be confident, optimistic and always believe that there will be luck and what will be solved.

The above are just a few of the rare cases that can happen when you visit Singapore. You can absolutely have a safe and enjoyable trip when you have learned and prepared a good and clear schedule. Above all, being proactive in everything also helps me and my friends to become more mature and get rid of the shyness and anxiety when coming to a foreign country.

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