9 reasons why you “hate” Malaysia travel right from the first time

Beautiful beaches, diverse culture, friendly locals and exquisite food … are the things that make you fall in love with Malaysia.

  1. Coastal

This is probably the first thing when it comes to Malaysia tourism. This country has beautiful paradise-like beaches, where you can relax to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, sip coconut water and enjoy playing games on the sea. Sea of ​​Malaysia has made many tourists want their summer vacation never to end.

  1. Food

It is difficult to compare dishes from other regions to those you are enjoying while  traveling to Malaysia . In fact, there are no dishes that are purely Malaysian, but with the preparation and combination with a few traditional ingredients give the dishes here a unique indigenous character. Malaysian dishes show a mixture of different cultures.

  1. Culture

Malaysia is a land possessing a rich traditional culture and rich in history. It is the diversity that is combined by the cultures of the Malay, Indian, Chinese and Native Bornean peoples. Therefore, Malaysia always has a bustling atmosphere to welcome the festivals all year round. And indigenous people always organize many interesting, lavish and splendid festivals.

  1. Cleaning

Unfortunately, it is difficult to avoid environmental pollution. However, Malaysia is definitely on the list of the least polluting countries in the world. You can feel this when you arrive here. You will find the streets extremely clean, the air fresh, and the clear blue skies.

  1. Weather

Malaysia is the ideal destination for tourists who love summer. The climate here is always suitable for you to take a walk around the beach, enjoy the sun on any day of the year. There will be no cold in this beautiful country! If you come here from Europe, you will feel the difference between the harsh cold in Europe and the hot and humid climate of Malaysia.

  1. Nature

Mother Nature has given Malaysia very favorable weather and a very rich landscape and flora and fauna. Favored by nature, indigenous people and visitors can participate in outdoor activities such as climbing, picnicking … This makes you closer to nature and have many interesting experiences.

  1. Friendly people

Each Malaysian knows how to respect each other because they are aware of living in a multicultural society

Every Malaysian knows how to respect each other because they are aware that they live in a multicultural society. Nearly half of the population here can speak 3 languages: Malay, Chinese and English. What most impresses tourists when coming here is the friendliness of the people, especially the taxi drivers. If you don’t mind, they will make a great travel companion.

  1. Taman negara

Taman Negara in the local language means “National Park”, located in the northwestern part of Malaysia with a total area of ​​4,343 square kilometers. Taman Negara offers main activities such as adventure, mountain climbing, cave exploration, fishing, walking on the world’s longest monkey bridge, swimming and visiting the Orang Asli tribe.

  1. Shopping roads

Kuala Lumpur is a real paradise for shoppers. There are a wide range of beautiful handcrafted items here for making clothes and more. There are many busy shopping areas so you can freely buy things for yourself, family and friends. Besides, there are always a series of promotions and discounts to welcome you.

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